Life EVOLUTION: Life Coaching

Price: $1099/12 weeks

As Your Life Coach: Are you repeating old patterns? Do you visualize a life that you haven’t quite been able to manifest? I am highly skilled as a classical psychoanalyst, schooled and in-practice for over five years. Talking with me regularly can help you reveal which specific qualities may be serving you well and which ones are not. Through my coaching you will acquire more awareness, practice new habits and skills, develop more effective communications, increase confidence and stamina in all you do. Through talking with me, manifesting what you visualize becomes much more attainable, and what you manifest becomes sustainable. (If you wish, I can also meet with you in traditional on-going weekly Psychoanalytic Treatment. Please see below.

~ Life Coaching tailored to your specific transformation goal and lifestyle
~On-going and day to day support necessary in carrying out these successes
~Some prescribed journal writing if deemed helpful

Career, Business, Work
Improve career satisfaction
Transition to a fulfilling career
Start to grow your business
Transform your money mindset

Emotional Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress, anxiety
Stay balanced instead of overwhelmed in demanding circumstances
Communicate feelings and needs openly and calmly

People and Relationships
Find a mate
Deepen bonding with children and loved ones
Cultivate support networks

Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence
Add more creativity, spontaneity and adventure to your life
Realize and manifest your true potential.

Psychoanalytic Treatment:
Price: TBD, please discuss
“At the root of these internal disturbances is a deep, persistent anxiety. How should you deal with this beyond numbing yourself out? This relaxation system utilizing imagination and thoughts often improve physical, mental, and emotional health. The solution to modern living is mindful living. . .”

I understand how deeply traumatic circumstances can affect the internal working of your mind, disturbing your ability to find mental rest and healthy relationship to self and others. I have extensive background working with trauma, addictions, and loss. I understand that creating an attachment with a good, understanding and caring psychoanalyst can be life altering and be the catalyst you need to regain your birth given essence, find confidence, and begin to live a happier, more fulfilling life. I understand how important this kind of treatment and care is in the traditional weekly and on-going appointment basis. I am absolutely available to work with you as your psychoanalyst. Also, sometimes we may begin an Empowerment coaching program and you may find you want to explore your intra-psychic feelings and self talk more deeply. I am available to discuss meetings in on-going, weekly psychoanalytic treatment. Please contact me to discuss.