Empowerment Coaching

Life. Fitness. Meditation The Evolutionary 3-prong approach.

These ingredients all work beautifully in harmony with one another for your overall life and fitness coaching experience.
Price: $1299/ 12 weeks
Session: Skype, phone or in-person for local residents

Empowerment Coaching: Life. Fitness. Meditation.
TOGETHER we will design a program centered on your unique needs, that teaches you to clean and focus your energy toward achieving and sustaining your goals, dreams, and lifestyle- and never look back at your old ways of doing things!! So you can “Keep it movin’ ” while really living, rather than just tasking, or going through the motions!

~45 minutes: Talk
As Your Life Coach/ Psychoanalyst: Are you repeating old patterns? Do you visualize a life that you haven’t quite been able to manifest? I am highly skilled as a classical psychoanalyst, schooled and in-practice for over five years. Talking with me regularly can help you reveal which specific qualities may be serving you well and which ones are not. Through my coaching you will acquire more awareness, practice new habits and skills, develop more effective communications, increase confidence and stamina in all you do. Through talking with me, manifesting what you visualize becomes much more attainable, and what you manifest becomes sustainable. (If you wish, I can also meet with you in traditional on-going weekly Psychoanalytic Treatment or Life Coaching appointments [PLEASE SEE HYPERLINK PAGE]Life Evolution program as a supplement to the Empowerment program, or on its own- please ask to discuss).

~ Life Coaching tailored to your specific transformation goal and lifestyle
~On-going and day to day support necessary in carrying out these successes
~Some prescribed journal writing if deemed helpful
~ Pre-scheduled meetings for 75 minutes and weekly email check-in: 45Talk/ 15FitnessUpdates/ 15GuidedMeditation


~15 minutes: Health & Fitness 
As Your Health and Fitness Coach: What are your current daily meals? What is your weekly exercise program? Supplements? Water? As a National Figure Athlete and Personal Trainer, coached and competing for over five years, I have extensive background in building and maintaining a weekly food and exercise program streamlined for your goals, habits and lifestyle. I will take a full assessment of your unique current and create a meal plans and fitness instruction. We will check in weekly with photo updates, your feedback and my tweaks to your meal and fitness program to develop optimum staying power and results. We will spend fifteen minutes each time we talk discussing your fitness outline. (If you wish, I can also meet with you at a Fitness facility as your personal trainer. See Fitness Evolution program as a supplement to the Empowerment program- or ask to discuss).

~ Customized Training, Nutrition, Cardio and
Supplementation plans
~  Bi-weekly photo and progress tracking
~ Exercise instruction and education
~ Ongoing Nutrition, Cardio and Supplementation updates
~ Pre-scheduled meetings for 75 minutes and weekly email check-in: 45 Talk/ 15 Fitness Updates/ 15 Guided Meditation


~ 15 minutes: Meditation
As Your Meditation Teacher: Do you feel meditation takes hours? Do you say: I am sure meditation is good but I’m just bad at it! Do you wonder if it really helps anything at all? Do you meditate sometimes and like it but not make the time to continue? What do you do to calm your nervous system, get in touch with your soul, and re-energize? As Your meditation guide, with over ten years teaching and studying simple and life changing meditation practices, I am here to help you!! Meditation does not take more than a few minutes a day! Meditation is an affirming way to develop a trust in the direction your inner being and heart reveal to you. Each time we talk I will spend fifteen minutes talking you through a guided meditation designed for your personal needs and desires, and you will record this meditation and listen to it daily. I will change the meditation bi-weekly based on your feedback and growth. (If you wish, I can also create personalized, lengthier meditation recordings developed just for you and your goals. See [PLEASE HYPERLINK PAGE]Meditation Evolution program as a supplement to the Empowerment program- or ask to discuss).

~ Customized Meditation Training
~ Ongoing meditation assessments to target strengths and weaknesses for optimal growth of focus and clarity
~Some prescribed journal writing if deemed helpful
~Weekly email and phone consultations and progress updates
~ Recordings of meditation during session
~ Personally designed lengthier recorded meditations offered
~ Pre-scheduled meetings for 75 minutes and weekly email check-in: 45Talk/ 15FitnessUpdates/ 15GuidedMeditation

Empowerment Program: Life. Fitness. Meditation.
Some people say: Oh my gosh, three things?! I say: Yes!

Career, Business, Work
Improve career satisfaction
Transition to a fulfilling career
Start to grow your business
Transform your money mindset

Physical Fitness
Healthy diet and nutrition
Achieve and maintain a fitness Program
Develop healthy habits
Lose weight and gain energy

Emotional Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress, anxiety
Stay balanced instead of overwhelmed in demanding circumstances
Communicate feelings and needs openly and calmly

People and Relationships
Find a mate
Deepen bonding with children and loved ones
Cultivate support networks

Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence
Add more creativity, spontaneity and adventure to your life
Realize and manifest your true potential.

Empowerment Coaching: Life. Fitness. Meditation.
Sara Mare’s 3-Prong Evolutionary Approach designed to suit your specific needs and goals includes:
Meetings via Skype, telephone, or in-person for local residents!!

I offer Skype or Telephone session.
The positives of these types of sessions:
1. A relaxed environment for you in your own home.
2. Phone sessions and Skype allow you to feel safe. Enabling you to share the most intimate feelings and experiences, without someone watching and looking at you while you are revealing a deep part of yourself. Many people have trouble sharing their deep traumas, fears or emotions. IF we are on Skype you can always lay down and speak to the computer as though I am in the room but behind you, for greater privacy.
3. Creates a non-judgmental atmosphere. We are all here learning, and we all have our imperfections.
4. No travel time or gas expense.
5. With Skype you can be anywhere in the world and speak free of charge.

There is no limit to where focused ENERGY can guide YOU!