Meditation Evolution

Price: $699/12 weeks on Skype or phone

Do you feel meditation takes hours? Do you say: I am sure meditation is good but I’m just bad at it! Do you wonder if it really helps anything at all? Do you meditate sometimes and like it but not make the time to continue? What do you do to calm your nervous system, get in touch with your soul, and re-energize? As Your meditation guide, with over ten years teaching and studying simple and life changing meditation practices, I am here to help you!! Meditation does not take more than a few minutes a day! Meditation is an affirming way to develop a trust in the direction your inner being and heart reveal to you. Each time we talk I will spend thirty minutes talking you through a fifteen minute guided meditation designed for your personal needs and desires, and you will record this meditation and listen to it daily. I will change the meditation bi-weekly based on your feedback and growth. If you wish, I can also create personalized, lengthier meditation recordings developed just for you and your goals.


~ Bi-Weekly, 30 minute Customized Meditation Training
~ Ongoing meditation assessments to target strengths and weaknesses for optimal growth of focus and clarity
~Some prescribed journal writing if deemed helpful
~Weekly email and phone consultations and progress updates
~ Recordings of meditation during session
~ Personally designed lengthier recorded meditations offered

Emotional Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress, anxiety
Stay balanced instead of overwhelmed in demanding circumstances
Communicate feelings and needs openly and calmly

Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence
Add more creativity, spontaneity and adventure to your life
Realize and manifest your true potential.